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Best Collection Eid Mehndi Design Pictures For Hands

Best Collection Eid Mehndi Design Pictures For Hands

Best Collection Eid Mehndi Design Pictures For Hands

Eid is the name of a colorful event with colorful celebrations and colorful pleasures. On the eve of this religious festival, making beautiful mehndi designs is not just fashion but passion and enthusiasm for girls and women alike. The same thing is obvious in the new Eid mehndi design pictures.

They not only decorate their palms but also the back of hands and the arms till elbow joint with eye-catching patterns. Making henna patterns on feet and legs is also common.

Eid Mehndi Designs for Girls 2017:

Creating awesome henna patterns on hands, arms, feet and other parts of the body has been a tradition for centuries. And the style has been continuously evolving throughout the vast stretches of time. Every year, the henna design experts introduce some creative and innovative patterns which immediately catch the attention of henna enthusiasts.

The Eid mehndi designs for girls 2017 include both simple or easy and complex or intricate patterns. Each of these has its own appeal and attraction as well as pros and cons. Some favor simple a henna pattern because it is easy to draw and reflects their simple way of life. The fashionable girls and women, on the other hand, would go for an intricate pattern that sounds more stylish.

Eid Mehndi Design Pictures:

Confused which henna style you should use for yourself on this Eid? Just go through various Eid mehndi design pictures and you will definitely come across the one that will appeal to your taste and temperament. You may go for the zig-zag patterns or a vine laden with flowers – it all depends on your mood and nature.

Utilizing the option of mehndi designs download, you can ask your peers, siblings or friends to suggest a suitable style for you. Meanwhile, they may also help you in applying that particular style.

Learning How to Draw a Henna Pattern:

Your friends may not always be available to draw your favorite henna pattern on your hand. What will you do then? Would you just skip it? Probably no. So, the best thing you can do is the learn the technique yourself. It’s not that much difficult and demanding.

The only thing needed on your part is to practice it more and more. First you should try your hand at mehndi designs 2017 new style simple. Being easy it will build your confidence. You can also get help from Eid mehndi design pictures and videos.

The video tutorials will guide you through a step by step procedure. And when something is done with a preplanned scheme and sequence, it makes even the most complex job wonderfully easy for you. But to attain mastery, you need to practice even a simple pattern for at least three to four times.

Pakistani, Indian, Egyptian & Arabic Mehnid Designs:

Mehndi designs gallery for Eid 2017 shows that different cultures use different henna patterns. A henna style from a particular culture also reflects the beliefs of people belonging to that culture. For example, the Indian Eid mehndi designs are fairly complex and involve the pictures of animals and objects.

The Egyptian Eid mehndi designs are even more intricate and, thus, difficult to draw. Looking at the Pakistani Eid mehndi designs, they are quite simple, minimalist and usually flowery. Finally, the Arabic henna patterns reflect the Arab culture. However, like their Pakistani counterparts, they are quite easy to practice and learn.

Latest Eid Mehndi Design Collection:

The latest Eid mehndi design collection includes lots of new and fresh styles. You won’t probably like to be called old fashioned. If so, just go through the latest collection and choose a fresh and fantastic style that makes you look up-to-date on this eid.

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