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Privacy Policy

To keep long relationship with users / customers, we at take great care of privacy of our visitors which means their data i.e. email addresses or any other contact information will not be shared to any third party. But in order to deal with our sponsored partners, we would like to give them details of our users so that they can better serve both parties. To share any information with anyone else, we will inform our users before giving the data.
The information that will be shared to our sponsored partners would be for specific purposes. You will be able to navigate through our website through serving ads related to your concerns. Another way to get your information is cookies which is the data saved in your browser’s temporary folder when you surf the web. This data is very important for websites serving as sponsored partners. They use such data to provide better user experience and serve ads related to the interests of the visitors or users. If you do not wish your data to be leaked, you can use the following link to disable this system and your data will not be tracked anymore.

Our sponsored partner serving ads on our website is

The data is saved in the format of IP address of the internet connection of the user, total length of the visit and activities on the website. We do not keep open record of your personal data like email address and phone numbers. In a case when we require your email address for a particular reason, it will be kept secret in the best interests of the users.
Our website is developed in a customized theme and when you visit us, a cookie is saved in the browser’s cache through which we can track the behavior of our visitors as what kind of activities they like the most.
Our security policy is very strict and we only keep record of your data for providing better experience to our visitors. We do not intend to sell or leak out the tracked information as this is against ethics and also denies our private policy.
However, this privacy policy may be changed anytime without giving any prior notice to the users as we reserve the rights to do so.
If you have any queries, feel free to contact us at [email protected] We would love to hear from you regarding any improvements of website or any other issue.
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