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Weight Loss Tips For Women – Best Weight Loss Ideas
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Weight Loss Tips For Women – Best Weight Loss Ideas

Small tweaks to your lifestyle can accumulate and mark big transformations. If you didn’t know, minor ideas like using small plates, drinking lots of water can influence weight loss. Here are surefire women health tips unveiled exclusively for all those pretty women out there. These creative weight loss ideas for women are sure to bring about a massive change in your outlook towards weight loss; it sure isn’t rocket science to learn what really works for your body!

Go ahead and indulge yourself in the art of maintaining a healthy body weight.

#1 Have a bowl of soup before a massive meal
Not only will that reduce your calorie intake at meal by 20% as studies suggest, but it also has lots of other benefits too. Soups are very healthy and they can get as healthier as you want by the addition of healthy vegetables. If you don’t have the time to conjure a bowl of soup, a glass of water before a meal works just perfect.

#2 Drink 8 glasses of water
Water is an essential part of life. 80% of human body is water. Just like soup, you can gulp down water before a meal. According to a study, drinking a glass of water before a meal reduces the intake by 75 calories.

#3 Write it down
It’s more often than not that our intentions are a lot brighter than our actions. Writing down weight loss goals and relevant thoughts is an effective strategy, because psychologically your brain perceives written goals to be real.

#4 Follow a mantra
A mantra is a motivational statement that reflects your goals, values and beliefs. Such a mantra is supposed to motivate you when you’re feeling down or not-so-excited. A mantra as simple as “This is easy!” influences our decisions like – whether to quit a 20 minute workout halfway or not.


#5 Join a community
A community encourages, supports and motivates. Jim Rohn famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” And that’s generally true. If you spend more time with unfit and obese people, you’re likely to stay like them. Similarly if you interact with and spend more time with people who share aspirations with you, you’re on the right track.

#6 Befriend the like-minded
This is almost like the previous one, but still worth noting separately. Spending time with obese, unmotivated and inactive people; you will end up like them. It goes the other way around too; spend time with ambitious people, you’ll start nursing lots of ambitions – to be fit and healthy.

#7 Don’t break the chain
Stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfield of Seinfield TV show is associated with this productivity method. The concept is simple – you build a chain or streak of consistent action. Though it is hard work in the start, when you have a week’s streak of actions, this chain will motivate you not to break it. For more information on this technique, read this post.

#8 Start small
Massive transformations don’t happen overnight. They take small but consistent steps. Consider this – if you’re someone who hardly works out for 10 minutes, if you suddenly pledge to do a 30 minute workout, you’re less likely to continue it. Instead start with 5 minute warm up, scale on the go.

#9 Eat a banana or apple
When you feeling hunger, instead of attacking every food in sight, why not eat a banana or apple? Then maybe after 10 minutes you can get back to food. The fruit you ate earlier will make you feel full, resulting in lesser intake of calories from the actual food.

#10 Pick any workout
Fitness industry is full of numerous workout plans, diets and exercises. Of course it is good for the industry. But for a newcomer, it gets confusing. With 100s of workouts, anyone can feel inundated and while searching for an ‘ideal’ workout he/she might choose none instead. So instead of looking for that ‘ideal’ workout or diet plan, why not pick any and let it evolve on the go? At least you have a workout to start with.

#11 Walk for 20 minutes
A study conducted by Cambridge University researchers reported that a brisk 20-minute walk can reduce the risk of early death by a third. Another study by University of Pittsburgh revealed that obese people who walked 30 to 60 minutes per day lost significant weight.

#12 Sleep for 6.5 to 7.5 hours
When you’re short on sleep, stress is your friend. Stress makes it easy to succumb to that tempting cookie, skip a dull workout, have fast food and what not! According to a research, people who were sleep-deprived were found to eat more food than otherwise, leading to greater calorie intake.

#13 Don’t work out too much
This is the second time I’m saying this. Trying to change oneself from zero-minute workout to 30-minute workout is less likely to stick around. Here I want to ask you not to be too very strict about workout durations. If you’re pretty tired halfway during a workout, don’t continue. Why? Because you will surely get done with today’s workout, but your chances for tomorrow will drop drastically.

#14 Eat plenty of plants
An eight-week plot study conducted at University of South Carolina reported that vegan and vegetarians lost 8.2 – 9.9 pounds compared to an average 5.1 pound for dieters including pesco-vegetarian, semi-vegetarian and omnivore.
#15 Keep it simple
Want to lose weight? Instead of looking for an ‘ideal’ workout, making a meal plan and cooking it yourself, why not keep it simple? The simpler you keep the process, the easier it will be to follow.


#16 Don’t count calories
This weight loss idea sounds similar to the previous one, but is still worth a re-mention. Enemy of simplicity is complexity. Keeping a track of calories intake is complex. It’s great to know how much calories you take in, but equally important is to be at it. The complex you make things, the harder it will be to be consistent.

#17 Use small plates
Psychologically speaking, the brain perceives two small plates with 250 calories each more than 500 calories in one big plate! Weird yet true!

#18 Eat mindfully
The idea of “mindful eating” is based on the Buddhist concept of ‘mindfulness’, which means being aware of things happening inside out. Mindful eating suggests one to eat while paying attention to smell, texture and the taste of food. It has been observed that mindful eating is an effective way to lose weight.

#19 Reward yourself
So you worked out straight for 5 minutes? Why not celebrate the win? Go, get some juice or better still shop around and buy yourself a dress. This way you’re psychologically tricking the brain into identifying workout as a rewarding task.

#20 BIG breakfast
We barely think about breakfast. But having a healthy breakfast can help you lose as much as 30 pounds a year; or at least that turned out true for people involved in a research at National Weight Control Registry. Those who thought they reduced calorie intake by skipping breakfast, were starved by lunchtime. At lunchtime their calorie intake is more likely to exceed than those who ate breakfast.
So what’s your favorite idea from the list? I’d also love to know your approach towards weight loss.

Author Bio: This article was written by Mairaj Pirzada. He blogs at which is a premiere health, beauty and fashion informational portal of Pakistan.

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